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Meet Don's Council Slate
Latinos for Don

Why is the Hispanic/Latino population in Atlantic City so important?

In Atlantic City, the Hispanic/Latino population is a powerful force.

  • At about 10,500 residents, Hispanics/Latinos represent 32% of Atlantic City’s population.

  • The Hispanic/Latino community is the second strongest labor force in Atlantic City.

  • We are a diverse community with individuals from 21 countries with unique customs, heritages, cultures and histories, all united by one mother tongue: “Spanish.”

It is not enough to be the largest minority in the country if we don’t vote. If we want to change Atlantic City for the better, we have to make our voices heard on Election Day.

As a powerful voting bloc, this election is the perfect opportunity to protect and strengthen our community by supporting the reelection of Mayor Don Guardian! 

Mayor Guardian embraces our community. His office staff includes three prominent Latinos who are dedicated to making Atlantic City better. For the first time in history, the city offers bilingual services and information to make us feel at home. We can only Rebuild Atlantic City with a true leader. Mayor Guardian is someone who gets things done for our community.

We need your support! You can help by volunteering, donating and voting! The voter registration deadline is October 17th, early voting starts September 23rd and Election Day is November 7th. 

Questions about how to get involved, give or vote? Contact our Campaign Headquarters at 609-318-4940. 

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