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Meet Don's Council Slate
Women for Don

Who Are We?

We are women.


We are over 50% of Atlantic City’s population, yet are not represented on city council.


We are women of diversity that are reaching out to the community to ensure that our voices are heard.


We are single, married and divorced women who want their voices heard.


We are single mothers who know the struggles of being sole providers for our children.


We are hard workers and business owners ready to help Rebuild Atlantic City.

Why Should You Join Us?

Mayor Don Guardian values the diversity of thought that only a woman can bring to the table. Understanding and relating to Atlantic City women is one of the Mayor’s priorities. That is why he chose Stacey Kammerman to run for City Council in this year’s election on November 7th. There are no other women running for office in Atlantic City.


Stacey, a fourth-generation Atlantic City resident was born to a single, teenage mother who grew up in Bungalow Park. She later became a single mother raising three children on her own, so she knows the hardships of women and single moms. Stacey knows what it’s like to worry about paying the bills and putting food on the table.


She pushed through the many challenges and worked two jobs while finding the time to go to school and earn her college degree. After years of hard work and sacrifice, Stacey became a teacher and later started a Spanish and ESL language training company. She now also runs a successful long-time, family-owned Atlantic City business and is happily married to an Atlantic City police officer.


Stacey wants to lift up the women of Atlantic City and is here for YOU. She wants to give women and mothers a voice!


Do you want to be represented in your local government? Do you want your voice heard by someone who knows your ongoing struggle as a woman and/or mother?


Join Stacey and other women in your community to help reelect Mayor Guardian and elect Stacey Kammerman, Ron Baily and Paul Tonacci to continue Rebuilding Atlantic City.

Complete the form below to find out how you can get more involved! 

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